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Never Lose Money Again!

*August 2017 Update!
Adzbux is proud to present Surf to Success! Our website is bursting with advertisers waiting for you to see their ads. We have now been online and paying for 17 Months. In this time we have paid our 24575 members $10,427.31.
Here is everything you need to know about surf to success:
Surf ads that are already being advertised on Adzbux. For every visit you get 1 credit. Use these credits to advertise or convert to cash. We currently have more than 100 active ads, earning you more than 2c daily just by surfing.

Adzbux was born as a PTC, after becoming the cheapest and best place to buy advertising we gained mass support from advertisers with our revolutionary Rotator Advertising system and members with our daily bonus and amazing earning opportunity. Unfortunately we lost Paypal in the mass PTC cull of 2016... To ensure our advertisers and members had the best payment options we removed our PTC system and have been working on a new feature since. After working with paypal we got an agreement to resume service with them on the understanding PTC was never to return.

Here is how Adzbux looks today...
Still the best place to buy advertising now with 3 rotators.
Natural Rotator
Get over 10,000 daily visits to your link throughout the day. Its the most natural way to start bringing traffic to your website and get eyes on your product or service. Already proving popular this service costs just $1 per day!

Alexa Booster
We send more than 100,000 real visitors to your website improving alexa rank. we also send some of the visitors back to your website to keep your bounce rate low. THis is the most comprehensive service for your website to improve your rank slowly. This service costs just $3 per day and you will see results after 3 - 7 days on Alexa Ranking.

Mass Traffic
If you already have a busy website with a high rank you might want to use our mass traffic tool to boost your website even further or get more eyes on your service/product. This rotator is also good for other traffic selling services because for just $5 you get more than 200,000 visits to your link. You can resell or use it for yourself. The possibilities are endless.

We still have our Landmark PTP ad spaces (Sending up to 5 million daily visits), banner impressions and fixed banner offers.

For our Members we have a new feature: Surf to success. Surf 100+ ads daily and get free advertising or exchange the credits for cash!
We still have our daily bonus, claimable every 24 hours, we still have Ticket draws for great prizes, we let you promote us and get paid, refer an advertiser and get up to 25% commissions from their purchases. Even after all this we still dont have shares, rented referrals or any other risky investment schemes. This is still the only place you can join with no investment and earn well!

After 17 Months we are still going strong, so come and join us. If you was a member and havent logged in for a while, you can reactivate your account from the login page, so its never too late to earn...

All EMS members who join or reactivate their account will get a small bonus, simply post here once you have joined/reactivated your account with your username for a treat..

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- Adzbux Team