Are you looking for a reliable ad network to monetize your site?

Well I have been using for sometime now.

It's a good ad network for CPM and CPC

As high as $0.10 per click
Very good CPM rates
And low minimum withdrawal
Nice support
Great advertising rates
Fast payment

Only bad thing about this ad network is that they are strict in that you must not encourage your users to click ads or use bots or unnatural methods to generate impressions.

Don't also self click ads on... Reviews

On 28th of October an automatic payout was generated for us. The payout was 105 USD and to this day it was not accepted, I sent them an email and they told me it will be paid in 30 days, so we waited one more month and this time we requested manually a payout of 118 usd that it was not paid as well , sent them emails warning them that I will remove all the banners from my website and also going to post a negative review because they are not paying, probably the next I should report them to google cause they are using the banners from adsense.
Sent tons of emails and I havenot received any message back from them img.png